Accommodation €20-60 and B&B €40-€70

with prior agreement

In July Cafeteria with fully licensed open 11-19


Itätalo Estate

Itätalo has an area of around 26 hectares + 20 more of nature preservation areas in neighbourhood. You will be amazed to explore the unique nature here at one of the most beautiful Archipelago island groups in the world. We have many possible outdoor and indoor activities for your enjoyment or of course you can just relax and sit down somewhere beautiful, take a deep breath and be one with nature.

Itätalo is growing with many volunteers helping us in many ways. To this day most of the works are still in planning. Welcome to Itätalo!

Itätalo across the ages

Itätalo echoes Finnish history. In ancient times it was a centre for trade and fishing. During the Middle Ages it belonged to the Bishopric of Turku. After the Reformation it served as a hunting estate for the influential Flemings of Louhisaari and became what Finns called a Rustholli that in 1784 was sold to a local family. In 1809, Finland became a Grand Duchy under Russia. So the Rustholli were no longer in the business of equipping soldiers for the Army in exchange for tax favours.
Estates like Itätalo continued to prosper, especially in the late 19th century. Their wealthy owners built ostentatious houses known as Farmer’s Manors. Many of these working farms later fell into a sad decline.

Itätalo is in the hands of new owners since 2002. The buildings are being carefully restored to their former glory. Is any better starting point to holistic healing Center?